Eagle Martial Arts Reviews

Eagle Martial Arts Ken Willis

I love these people!! The most caring, loving, mentors to our children and parents. They are whole lot more than just instructors they are life coaches.

Ken Willis

Eagle Martial Arts Cricket Everett

EMA is an amazing school. They are not just a business, when you join the school you join a family! The instructors are amazing! Highly recommend!

Cricket Everett

Eagle Martial Arts Courtnie Thompson

My son loves coming here!! The teachers are great!!

Courtnie Thompson

Eagle Martial Arts Sean Kelly

My daughter has been here for over a year and we love it! The Seidel's are great people and knowledgeable instructors. I highly recommend the 6 week trial if your kiddo is interested in martial arts!

Sean Kelly

Eagle Martial Arts Ray Gomez

Today, my grandson achieved his fourth Tae Kwon Do belt. For those that know of his childhood this achievement is beyond anything ever expected. He was born having to receive breath thru a tracheotomy. He was diagnosed with Autism when he was six and today one can hardly tell unless you know. He has done a complete 360 over the past year with the help of therapy, an awesome classroom regimen and the guidance, love and friendship of Eagle Martial Arts in Benbrook, Texas. They have fostered him into their family and he has done nothing but excel at everything while being a part of their program (Mar 2015) I want to personally thank John and Stephanie Seidel, Noah Seidel and Troy Walker for helping put Angelo into a position for future success. Angelo you are your Grandpa's hero.

Ray Gomez

Eagle Martial Arts Jo Joe

i love doing the kickboxing class.  I started the beginning of January and lost 15 lbs.  can't wait to see what the next month will bring.

Jo Joe

Eagle Martial Arts Paula Kapper

We love that this is a good Christian based organization that teaches my boys values and self defense!

Paula Kapper

Eagle Martial Arts Angie Lankford

EMA has been a great place to introduce martial arts to my boys. The Siedel family runs it well. It's a nurturing environment to develop discipline, coordination, balance, strength, endurance and character.

Angie Lankford

Eagle Martial Arts Roseanna C. Rizzo

Definitely a family affair. A great way to grow in your strength and Discipline. A safe environment more than just martial arts.

Roseanna C. Rizzo

Eagle Martial Arts Hope Willis

We have had our two children enrolled for almost a year. The advances that they have made in fitness, respect, discipline and attitude are amazing! We love this place!!

Hope Willis

Eagle Martial Arts The Valashinas-Wilks Family (1st degree black belts)

We began our journey as a family with Eagle Martial Arts several years ago and have developed tremendous skills as well as cultivated our sense of determination, perseverance, and honor. The Seidel family are not only an amazing group of instructors and advanced martial artists, but also have become like family to us through the years. It is an honor and a privilege to train with them.

The Valashinas-Wilks Family (1st degree black belts)

Eagle Martial Arts Jessica Findley Solomon

My 8 year old son absolutely loves it here...after looking at several local places that offer karate, Eagle Martial Arts stood out by far as the perfect fit for him. Between the level of excellence and personal connection this family owned business is top notch and in my opinion the best in the area!

Jessica Findley Solomon

Eagle Martial Arts Alysia McCausland Humphries

We love Eagle Martial arts! It's a great place for the family to train together, in a supportive environment. My kids have increased in confidence and respect because of their training. They are learning to work hard and persevere toward their goals. Students encourage and help each other and learn how to be leaders and teammates. You never know when kids get involved with sports if it is going to be a positive experience, but here I don't have to worry. Definitely recommend.

Alysia McCausland Humphries

Eagle Martial Arts Tara Carleo

Eagle Martial Arts is fabulous! The values, dedication and integrity that they instill in each student is truly amazing. We are grateful our son has the opportunity to be a part of the school. Thank you to the Seidel family for all that you have done for Colin, we appreciate each and every one of you!

Tara Carleo

Eagle Martial Arts Crista Lenette Davis

The Seidel Family's Eagle Martial Arts exemplifies excellence in example and instruction. It embodies discipline, consistency, respect and having a lot of fun. Our daughter, Cai started in August of 2011 and has just recently earned her black belt. It was a smooth process with an emphasis on preparation for testing and competitions. She is a much more confident child for it. I highly recommend this school.

Crista Lenette Davis

Eagle Martial Arts Sylvia Baker

Building you strength, and self esteem quickly turns you and friends into a Bully Free Zone.

Sylvia Baker

Eagle Martial Arts Cara Gunia

Love the instructors and the focus on teaching character and integrity.

Cara Gunia

Eagle Martial Arts Bobby Armstrong

Our class at noon this Saturday was outstanding! Drills that probably burned over 800 cal 40 minutes. Thank you

Bobby Armstrong

Eagle Martial Arts Michael Humphries

We have really enjoyed Eagle Martial Arts these last couple years. The have taught our boys a lot!

Michael Humphries

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