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  •  in Fort Worth - Eagle Martial Arts - Why Martial Arts for Summer?

    Why Martial Arts for Summer?

    Benefits to SKILLZ Training Over Summertime During the school season teachers, assistants, and counselors are focused on helping your children learn and grow. But what happens during the summer season when these people are not around? It makes sense that as a parent you would want your child to maintain some level of growth and development over the summer in order to limit or prevent your child from losing a lot of the skills gained over the last school season. This includes growth and development in the following areas: physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. With that said, one of the very best options is to keep your child active through a solid martial arts ....

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  •  in Fort Worth - Eagle Martial Arts - How Martial Arts can help kids handle hard times

    How Martial Arts can help kids handle hard times

    Trouble is inevitable for every human being, however, devastation is an option. Each and every one of us at some point are going to face hard times ranging from somewhat simple to severe. These are the factors we are unable to control. We are however, able to determine how we go through these trials of life. Everything we face in life is a learning ground or at least has the opportunity to become one. Unfortunately, many young people today are suffering because they've not been taught how to take advantage of those everyday opportunities to learn. In an attempt to make things easier for children, we've actually made things more difficult for them. There's a beauty in falling
    There is ....

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  •  in Fort Worth - Eagle Martial Arts - Martial Arts; Equipping Children in Dangerous Times

    Martial Arts; Equipping Children in Dangerous Times

    It's so hard to believe that our Nation has experienced yet another horrific school shooting. As a parent, that has to be the single most frightening event that could come to mind. We send our children off to school each day never to imagine that their safety may become jeopardized. However, in our current environment, this is now a problem that we must conern ourselves with. As a Martial Arts Instructor, I feel a huge responsibility to my students and families to do my very best to ensure that my students are equipped to take on some of these new challenges that we face as a nation. First and foremost, my number one goal is to foster an environmment where children are empowered. Now ....

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  •  in Fort Worth - Eagle Martial Arts - Clean vs. Clutter

    Clean vs. Clutter

    I love being a Martial Arts Instructor. Unlike educational instruction, we have opportunity to really connect with our students and families which is a great privilege. This evening, one of my parents asked if we could sit down together with their child who was having difficulty keeping up with daily chores, namely keeping their room clean. I started thinking immediately about the many conversations I’d had with my own children growing up and myself as well regarding this topic. Personally, I came to recognize that my moods and behavior could be directly linked to how my home looked at any given time. Now, I’m not a messy person in general but I did begin to notice that my mood ....

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  •  in Fort Worth - Eagle Martial Arts - A Deeper Look at 13 Reasons Why

    A Deeper Look at 13 Reasons Why

    I recently read a blog entitled; Warning: Do Not Let Your Kids Watch 13 Reasons Why. Although my kids are 19 plus, I work with kids so I read it and found it worthy of sharing. I said that I had not heard about this book or the series but it was worth Parent's doing some research if they had tweens/teens. Being that the topic was pretty heavy, I decided to watch the series for myself. Well, after taking the weekend to watch 13 Reasons Why, I can definitely say that I do not recommend this program for youth. Although I understand what they were trying to do, I must say, this show was a real mess. Before Ibegin, let me start by saying that I have personally atttended two funerals and known ....

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  •  in Fort Worth - Eagle Martial Arts - The Connection Between Martial Arts and Strong Character

    The Connection Between Martial Arts and Strong Character

    Take a moment today to seriously look at the culture around you. You'll find that you are surrounded by an atmosphere of bullying. The dynamics of work, school, entertainment, politics are all filled with sudtle to serious forms of bullying which have woven deeply into our culture. What does this mean for our children? It means as a whole, the things our children are exposed to on a daily basis dull their compassion towards others. Bullying in the entertainment world is major money maker. You'll find a mean character in practically every sitcom or cartoon your child watches. The very news we look at to stay informed is riddled with cruel behavior. All one needs to do is recall our most ....

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  •  in Fort Worth - Eagle Martial Arts - Winning Over Adversity, Martial Arts Life Skills In Fort Worth

    Winning Over Adversity, Martial Arts Life Skills In Fort Worth

    One of the most important Life Skills we can teach our children is how to overcome adversity. It's an unfortunate reality that at some point in our lives, things are not going to go as planned. It may be an unexpected grade after you've studied hard. It may be not being chosen for the part you just knew you were perfect for or not making the varsity team. When we teach our children how to overcome adversity when they are younger, they'll be much better prepared for the bigger challenges they'll face when they are older. Let me share our latest family adversity with you. Our 19 year old son just recently purchased his first nice car, cash. He was so excited, you could see how proud he was ....

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  •  in Fort Worth - Eagle Martial Arts - Teaching The Power of Practice Through Martial Arts

    Teaching The Power of Practice Through Martial Arts

    Practice, a repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill so as to acquire or maintain proficiency in it. in our fast paced world of technology, it's quite easy to acquire information. Anything you want to know is just a Google question away. Having on the spot information has made life so much easier in so many ways, however, in many ways, it has also caused our children a bit of harm. While waiting for a Celine Dion concert to begin, my daughter and I took note of the number of people on their cell phones. We laughed as we observed the two schools, those that used their thumbs vs. those that used their index finger to type. Can you guess who used their index finger, that's ....

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  •  in Fort Worth - Eagle Martial Arts - How Martial Arts Equipped Me For Success

    How Martial Arts Equipped Me For Success

    I rarely get asked, "how did you get into Martial Arts?" Why? Because most people that see me perform don't question that I belong here. That may sound like an odd statement but not really. By most standards, this isn't the most likely place that I would fit in. I was born with no vision in my right eye and limited vision in my left. I am not able to drive and use magnifying aids to read so why Martial Arts? All of us, no matter how popular you may be, have experienced; insecurity, self doubt, low self esteem or bullying at one time or another. On a regular day these issues are difficult to overcome, now add a disability to the normal everyday pressures of growing up. Being different ....

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