Winning Over Adversity, Martial Arts Life Skills In Fort Worth

Winning Over Adversity, Martial Arts Life Skills In Fort Worth

One of the most important Life Skills we can teach our children is how to overcome adversity.  It's an unfortunate reality that at some point in our lives, things are not going to go as planned.  It may be an unexpected grade after you've studied hard.  It may be not being chosen for the part you just knew you were perfect for or not making the varsity team.  When we teach our children how to overcome adversity when they are younger, they'll be much better prepared for the bigger challenges they'll face when they are older.  Let me share our latest family adversity with you.

Our 19 year old son just recently purchased his first nice car, cash.  He was so excited, you could see how proud he was to drive that car.  Well, wouldn't you know, not even a full two weeks later while on his way to a church function, a deer ran out in front of him and smashed in the whole front left side totaling his brand new car.  Talk about major heartbreak.  Thank goodness we taught our children when they were young how to overcome disappointments.  How do you overcome your new car being totaled at 19, the exact same way you overcome not being allowed to attend a sleepover with your best friends when you're 8 years old.  Here are 5 ways to help your children overcome adversity.

1.  Encourage

It's important that your children understand that you will always be there to help guild them, no matter what they are facing.  They must understand that every decision has the ability to produce a positive or negative outcome. As their parent, you are not there to help them run away from problems but to guild them through the process of making right decisions that will impact their lives in a positive way.

2.  Take Responsibility For Emotions and Actions

Sometimes life is going to be unfair and bad things will happen for no apparent reason.  How we react to situations, however, is entirely our choice.  Our children must know that it's not okay to act out negatively in anger just because someone or something has wronged you.  Recognize what you can and cannot control and learn to respond in a manner that demonstrates integrity and self control.

3.  Focus On Others

Give your children multiple opportunities to be able help others.  When we help others, our main focus is not "ME" centered.  People who are always thinking about themselves never have an opporutunity to see how much they truly have.  When you allow your children the opportunity to serve others, they become more appreciative of all the blessing they already possess.

4.  Be Flexible

When situations arise, the one that is more flexible is the one that will have the most options.  When we have a vision for something we want to accomplish, its good not to become rigid with it.  Recognize that there is always more than one path to get to where you want to go.  Being flexible will allow you to see those other pathways.  So be willing to be different.

5.  Be A Goal Setter

Work with your children on setting short and long term goals.  When adversity shows up, you can remind your children of the previous battles they've faced and won.  Goals allow us to keep a running record of our victories and yes, even our short comings.  However, with the short comings, you can still look back and see that you came through and are still standing.

As for our outcome, my son made a decision to focus on the fact that though his car may have been totaled, he on the other hand, walked away without so much as scratch.  He decided to focus on the fact that in the midst of this bad thing, God took care of him and kept him from harm.  The car is completely replaceable, the insurance is taking care of that.  Our sons life, however, PRICELESS!


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