The Connection Between Martial Arts and Strong Character

The Connection Between Martial Arts and Strong Character

    Take a moment today to seriously look at the culture around you.  You'll find that you are surrounded by an atmosphere of bullying.  The dynamics of work, school, entertainment, politics are all filled with sudtle to serious forms of bullying which have woven deeply into our culture.  What does this mean for our children?  It means as a whole, the things our children are exposed to on a daily basis dull their compassion towards others.  Bullying in the entertainment world is major money maker.  You'll find a mean character in practically every sitcom or cartoon your child watches.  The very news we look at to stay informed is riddled with cruel behavior.  All one needs to do is recall our most recent Presidential Election, as a Nation, we witnessed our supposed leaders demonstrate horrific behavior, which released a chain reaction of cruelty across our Nation.  Children see and hear EVERYTHING!  Whether you want them to or not, there's no detail that goes unnoticed.  

Little Sponges

    We homeschooled all three of our children, however, we weren't the typical church homeschool family.  Yes we did closely monitor the things our children were exposed to but it was done in a teaching manner.  There were many families we knew that didn't allow their children to listen to secular music, didn't own cable tv, only allowed them to watch G-Rated movies and so on.  I understand wanting to guard your children, however, we don't live in a bubble, we live in this world.  In this world we are surrounded by people who are exposed to a multitude of things that I may not want my children exposed to but as a parent, I know that eventually, my children are going to come in contact with some of those people and Mom and Dad are not always going to be there to shield them.  Therefore, I've got to make sure my child has the tools they need to make informed decisions based on our families values and not on the values of the outside influence.

Morality For Children

    Every now and then I scroll through Facebook and see videos with kids doing this or that, some are really cute, others are quite disturbing.  I've seen a few videos with little children arguing with their parent's which some find so hilarious but is it still hilarious when that same child is now older and arguing with their teachers, being labeled as behavior defiant?  What about when your little girl comes home in tears because another girl slapped her face at school and told her she was worthless because that's what they saw on the reality tv show?  Or maybe the 17 year old celebrities that show your 12 year old how to dress and party like a star.  Unfortunately, reality tv and pop stars are who todays kids are getting their morality training from.

     By being involved in my children's world it allowed me to; teach, lead and mentor to help them learn to make good decisions for themselves.  One of the things our family enjoys is watching movies together.  When the kids were younger, we were very picky with the things we allowed them to watch.  Children don't need to be exposed to all the filth of the world at 5 years of age.  Recently, my 19 year old son and I were at the theater to see Logan, a movie rated R for language and major violence.  We were appalled to see a family with three little children under the age of 6 sitting next to us.  Watching them cover their little eyes and say "he's mean," several times was really heartbreaking to witness.  As our children became older, we slowly began to loosen the reins on their viewing.  The things that we felt were questionable, we would take that opportunity to teach and talk about it as a family afterwards.  The simple act of discussing why things are wrong, why they would be cruel or hurtful, why the message they were sending is negative, allowed our kids the oportunity to digest and think about what they had seen and weigh it against their values and character.  Certain things the kids asked to view, we'd simply say no but we would alway give an explanation to the why we saw it as inappropriate.  It's important your children understand the concept of the entertainment industry.  As a whole, they make what appeals to making money, not what is right or just.  What will this produce?  When your kids are away from you, they are able to formulate their own opinion rather than take on the opinions of their friends.  This is our goal as parents, to foster "independent" thinkers, however, they'll never be able to do this if they have not been taught.    Many of the kids that would come over to our house had knowledge of a lot more than what their parent's were aware of.  I'd ask them how they knew about a particular subject, in which they would reply they saw or heard about it at a friends house or at school.  Knowledge is power.  What your kids don't know will harm them.

     When our children see comedy being made from the cool kids belittling others on the tween/teen netoworks, it tells them that it's okay to make fun of others because it gets laughs and makes you popular.  Children are little sponges, they gather the rules of life from what they see.  Are they seeing meanness glorified or kindness. Meanness is at an all time high in our Nation, therefore, kindness has got to come from home.  Compassion has got to come from home.  We can't be to busy to mentor our own children.  Children are being bullied and harassed on a daily basis in elementary school.  The harassers are other children that demonstrate little to no remorse for their cruel behavior.  

     Just yesterday, one of my students came into my office and showed me a bruise on his arm.  He went on to say that a kid at school pushed him down and kicked him repeatedly.  I asked him what had led up to the confrontation, he said nothing, the boy just walked up and said move.  When he didn't move, he pushed him down and began kicking him.  One of our parent's told us a third grader at the school she works at was hiding in the bathrooms and beating up kindergarteners. We are living in a time when children are choosing to take their own lives rather than be harassed on a daily basis by uncaring individuals.  As a community, we can put an end to this horrific behavior but it must begin in our own homes.  We must teach our children compassion.  We must teach them that everyone has value.  Parent's we send our children to school to get an education to support a prosperous future.  The job of teaching our children to be decent, compassionate human beings that honor the gifts and value the existence of others is the job of the family unit and community.  Let us all strive to protect the Spirit of our children as they will one day be the ones to nurture our future generations.


Lets put an end to bullying by modeling kindness.  If you need help with your child being bullied or being a bully, we're here to help.  A community of people that care.  Get in contact with one of our Life Skill Specialist TODAY!



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